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In this time of great change, you may presently feel the need to make significant changes in your lifestyle.

We work closely with clients to help them understand what they would like to achieve in life. This is done through guidance of their own vision or helping them to see what it would look like to the individual.

We’ll create a tailor-made session and use some of our successful templates, which will enable our team to work with you, your company or community centre so that it can be refined for their needs.


Our colleagues have experiences in something that you may be pursuing or have been in a position that you want to be in. They have the knowledge directly relative to where you are.


A coach is someone with leadership and behaviour skills. They are able to learn and identify patterns which make up human behaviour.


The role of a Facilitator is ‘empowered learning.’ Our facilitators believe that their clients have the answers within them so clients are left empowered.

Our Workshops

People are infinitely gifted and valuable. With the right support & conditions, we thrive and attain success, health and enhanced Well-being. Our Healing Spaces workshops are person-centred, experiential and are designed to bring out the best in people.

Building Healthy relationships

Good, strong relationships are key to success, happiness and well-being.

Food, Mood and Healthy Eating

Does the food you eat really affect your mood and how you may feel emotionally and physically?


What is the relationship between you and what you are hoarding.


Modern life in an urban environment can be frantic with numerous competing demands & challenges.

Understanding Anger

We understand the importance of mastery over our emotions.

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about our professional services and workshops.


"I really enjoyed the course thanks
to the excellent teaching…"

"My stress level was reduced by her patience
…very proud to have been in her class…"

Testimonial 2

"This is a great class, I have learnt loads of
things and I feel really comfortable..."

"Excellent course, I want to come back
and do another one with Doreen…"


"The course has helped me
to gain confidence..."

"I like the way the tutor teaches and the
handouts are easy to work with…"

Testimonial 2

"The course has helped me
to gain confidence..."

"I have been able to achieve a lot
more than I thought I would, I am
very pleased with these sessions…

Our Facilitators

Learn from Industry experts, re-known thinkers and craftsman.


San’Ra is a Health & Wellness coach, speaker and trainer. She’s a Registered General Nurse with over 25 years’ experience.



Mansfield Watson

Mansfield Watson is an experienced Business Development agent and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Sales & Marketing in the Foodservice and retail industry.

Doreen Blake

Doreen is a highly experienced and professional Trainer and Facilitator spanning over 20 years of extensive delivery and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) L7.

Mark Harris

Mark Harris is a powerhouse full of joy, love and energy. Wherever he goes, he always leaves a profound effect on the environment he is in.

Find out more about our Courses.

Special offers to include: A free introduction to mindfulness workshops 3 hours in length.


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Healing Spaces

Healing Spaces is a new start-up training consultancy offering well-being workshops for people in local businesses, individuals and also the wider community who want to develop and sharpen new skills sets that will push them forward in their personal and professional life’s journey.
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