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Are you a hoarder?
De-cluttering is
easy, surely?

Interestingly hoarding is fairly common but it also depends on ones interpretation of what hoarding is. So the question here might be why do people hoard and what do people hoard? What is the relationship between you and what you are hoarding and how does it make you feel?

It can be said that a cluttered house is similar to a cluttered mind and if our minds are cluttered it gives way to cluttered thinking and a cluttered way of being although some of us may hide it when in the company of others.

Are you a hoarder? De-cluttering is easy, surely?

On this solution oriented workshop you’ll explore all these and more such as barriers and obstacles that you may be presented with, including the ones that you may be creating yourself.

What We Deliver

Bespoke training, workshop programmes and events to meet the specific needs of a variety of agencies and organisation they include:

Building Healthy Relationships

Good, strong relationships are key to success, happiness and well-being.

Food, Mood
& Health

Does the food you eat really affect your mood and how you may feel emotionally and physically?


What is the relationship between you and what you are hoarding?


Modern life in an urban environment can be frantic with numerous competing demands & challenges.


We understand the importance of mastery over our emotions.

Ready for a Well-being Workshop?

Please contact one of the team on 07939 513 143 or for more information.

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Healing Spaces is a new start-up training consultancy offering well-being workshops for people in local businesses, individuals and also the wider community who want to develop and sharpen new skills sets that will push them forward in their personal and professional life’s journey.
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